Meeting someone new can be scary, I get it. Lucky for you (and me), folks across the industry who I am lucky to call both my friends and colleagues, have been gracious enough to vouch for my charm and dashing good looks, here's what they have to say:

Olivia Cabot and Marla Lyons.jpg

"Have you ever wanted to know someone whose spirit glows as radiantly as her smile? I do. Her name is Nia Bolde."

-Marla Lyons

Olivia Cabot Skylar Parkar.jpg

“Nia is a beautiful soul & a dear friend, the day we met she took my breath away, she has an infectious laugh and a kind heart, our meeting's are infrequent given that we live so far apart, but that just makes the time I do get to spend with her, so much more precious.”

-Skylar Parkar

Olivia Cabot and Rhana Adaire.jpg

“When in her presence, Nia somehow makes time stop and fly at the same time. Basking in her warm, soulful company is made all the sweeter by her beautiful smile. I adore her!"

-Rhana Adaire

Olivia Cabot and Serena Sahir.jpg

“When I first met Nia, I was instantly enchanted by her charm, smile, and style. In the pleasure of spending time with her, I easily melt into her arms and surrender myself. My craving for her never ends”

-Serena Sahir

Leana Lane.jpg

"Nia is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people I know. As if that weren't enough, whenever she bats her long eyelashes and flashes a brilliant smile, I practically melt. She is a delight to spend time with and I am grateful to count her amongst my friends."

-Leana Lane