A familiar intimacy

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I went in with high expectations for this shoot. There was a series of emotions I hope to elicit, but I struggled to name them in any coherent or cohesive manner. When I decided to reach out to Ramon Jamar, it was with the hope that he would be able to help. Ramon’s Instagram feed was sexy in an honest and un-cluttered way that appealed to my own tendency towards understated sensuality. The kind of sensuality which feels at once familiar and refreshing; which can be felt at exactly the same moment it is seen. After a few months of following him, I was sure that the intimacy between the models and the camera was real. He was capturing something in their eyes and I was curious to see if he could capture it in mine. Unfortunately, bad laws, worse politicians and stigma like you couldn't imagine prevent me from showing you what he managed to find when looking through the viewfinder, but you'll have to take for my word for it when I say that he found something beautiful. Every time I have new photos taken, I'm amazed at the way photographers tell stories. This time, I felt that to be even more true. The precision, intention and stillness required for great analog photos was a challenge I enjoyed meeting. Conveying comfort and fluidity through stillness is no small feat, but working for every shot made seeing the final images that much sweeter. 

I have to admit that I worried that these photos might reveal too much. That they were more beautiful than sexy, more personal than marketing and thus unfit for professional use. But, in the end I decided that these images say a lot about the experience I intend for you and I to have: I want to leave remnants of the memories we've created in the corners of suites from Washington, DC to Mozambique. I want to wake up slowly to your smile and a warm cup of mint tea. I want to feel powerful and comfortable and and divinely feminine whether I'm rolling around in bed or walking the street. I want our love nest to feel like ours even if only for a few hours.

As I gathered my things, said goodbye to Ray and made my way to the door, rain began coming down in heavy sheets. Before I could cross the threshold, I was soaked and so were my bags, but I've always know that rain cleanses, washes and renews.

I've shared a few samples of what we created together here, but others can be viewed in my photo gallery. I hope that you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed making them for you. 

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Nia Bolde