Hey there and welcome to my little corner of the internet,

I am an artist by both trade and passion who consistently struggles with penning bios. Something about the contradictory calling for vanity tempered by just the right amount of modesty makes me uneasy, but I’ll try most anything once:

Though I currently split my time between Washington, DC and New York City, I’ve lived in enough places to know that “home” is much more about people than structures. A bookish girl with wide brown eyes and lashes so curly that they double back on themselves, I’ve always enjoyed the stark contrast between excellence and downright filth.

Mischief informs my movements and laughter lines the fullness of my lips. I love sunlight, candles and the feel of thumbs pressed firmly into the small of my back. I am enamored with how refreshingly insignificant international travel makes me feel; I am a sucker for stolen caresses, unconventional couplings and breathtaking vistas.

Like yourself, I have always been intentional in surrounding myself with those who still get excited over the small things; Those who know the value of authenticity, unbridled pleasure, respect and proper manners. I covet relationships with the introspective ones; the brilliant ones; the caring ones. The one's whose bookshelves are filled with literature that they are passionate about and a few books they didn’t love but are glad they read.

My closest, and most long lasting friendships are with those who are always open to learning something new about themselves and about the world. My lovers, friends and confidantes know emphatically that first impressions matter and that there is little else in this world more thrilling than a woman who will both challenge and satisfy them.

Until we meet,

Nia xx



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